Friday, 21 October 2011

Unique cinema event for market - Entertainment - Scarborough Evening News

good article in SEN

The Magician's Wife ....

has been certificated 15 by Scarborough Borough Council ... the film will be shown in Space One in the Scarborough Market Vaults - a wonderful space underneath the Market Hall ...

first showing will be at about 12noon

more info on this film on IMDB and at V5 films

first public showing of this film produced by Scarborough-based film-school-graduate Aimee White

One day to go ...

Cinemarche 2011 slightly revised programme available here

see you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

4 days to go ...

I think everything is coming together ... just had a brilliant short film delivered by a graduate student of University of Westminster film school, Aimee White ... just made it in time and now I have to see if the Licensing Manager will give us the go-ahead to show the film

I rally hope we can show the film as it is a gem ... the Magicians Wife starring David Dixon and Sandra Dickinson ... if we do get the go ahead it will show at 12 noon and 3pm in Space 3 in the Market Vaults

Meanwhile, check out this from Gael Garcia Bernal and Marc Silver

or follow this link

Monday, 17 October 2011

5 Days to go ...

This evening I joined #thejawline in the North Riding Pub in North Marine Drive to take part in a live stream discussion about Cinemarche

You can catch up with the discussion at

Many thanks to Anthony for his support and for getting us on to  ... great work!

Cinemarche also made it into the Yorkshire Post and Scarborough Evening News today too ... links to pages will follow once they are on the relevant websites

You can download the draft programme from here  This will be updated in the coming days, so keep checking for updates and additions

Sunday, 16 October 2011

6 days to go ... about QR codes at Cinemarché 2011

At Cinemarché 2011, we will use QR codes to provide access to videos that people have posted on either youtube or Vimeo.  We have selected 17 videos that we have curated in four groups.

Three of the groups will link to videos about different aspects of contemporary human rights issues:  the role of Amnesty International in this its 50th year;  the experiences of migrants travelling through Mexico; and the acts of protest and witness of las Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aries.   

The group about migrants travelling through Mexico includes the film "The Invisibles", made for Amnesty International by Gael Garcia Bernal and Marc Silver.

The fourth group uses the example of the Queen's visit to Scarborough in 2010 of videos to examine notions of official and citizen journalism and personal commentary.

Kane Cunningham, one of the organisers says: “We think this use of QR codes might be a world first for Scarborough. This is a unique and exciting way to curate and exhibit videos – we don’t know if this has been done anywhere else."

QR code for

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Press Release as sent out 12th October 2011:

Cinemarché 2011:  a unique cinematic event to be staged in Scarborough Market

A group of film enthusiasts, artists and filmmakers are to stage a unique, free, one-day event in Scarborough Market.  The aim of Cinemarché 2011 is show short films made by artists from across the world that represent some of the most innovative and creative talent making films today.

John Oxley, one of the organizers, says:

“We are really excited to have this opportunity to show films in Scarborough Market – Cinemarché is a bit of franglais – a mangling of cinema and marché – the French word for market. We just like the idea of an event which could attract filmmakers and artists from across the world. We are thinking big, and why not!  Therefore we have selected a programme that we hope will amuse, move, inform, intrigue and entertain.  We hope that the regular users of the market will take some time to have a look at and enjoy these videos; we hope that people who are interested in artist’s film will come along to Scarborough Market Hall and enjoy the programme.”

One of the 25 films that will be shown is “The Futurist”, a short film by Emily Richardson, a London based artist. Commissioned by Lumen as part of imove, Yorkshire's cultural programme for London 2012, this film is a single 360-degree animated short that was filmed in 2010 in Scarborough's Futurist Theatre.  Richardson has used the building’s colourful history and sounds gathered from past shows to create a unique film that pays homage to film and cinema.  “The Futurist” has already been shown as part of the Venice, London, Nottingham and Moscow film festivals; Cinemarché 2011 will be the Scarborough premiere of this wonderful short film.

By way of contrast, Cinemarché 2011 will also premiere a "mash-up" documentary short by Paul Spencer about Scarborough electro-punk band Fuzzgun Sniper - "If you liked Anvil, this is for you, definitely not to be missed!" said John Oxley.

Cinemarché 2011 also wants people to use their smartphones to take part in a unique digital exhibition of videos.  You will need a smartphone (iphone, android, windows phone or blackberry) with a QR code reader installed on it.  These readers are free to download from the app store or the various marketplaces.  You will then be able to scan the QR codes that will be displayed around the Market.  The scanned code will take you to a video on the Internet; you will then be able to watch the video on your smartphone.  The QR-coded films will all address different aspects of human rights, a contribution to celebrating the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International.

Kane Cunningham, one of the organisers says:

“We think this use of QR codes might be a world first for Scarborough.  This is a unique and exciting way to curate and exhibit videos – we don’t know if this has been done anywhere else. However what we do know is that film lovers are in for a treat. Its not often you can buy your meat and veg and watch a film from Egypt that anticipates the Arab spring.”

Cinemarché 2011 co-organizer Dr. Paul Elsam adds:

“This brand new Festival represents innovative use of public space, and we really hope it will attract new visitors to a historic and important building that is already busy with friendly traders. For years now Scarborough and North Yorkshire have hosted top film-makers attracted by the unique character of the region – we thought, why not have an event that actually shows great films? Cinemarché is, we hope, a big step towards a establishing a regular international film festival in Scarborough.”

Cinemarché 2011 is supported by Scarborough Borough Council, Scarborough Branch Amnesty International, Lumen, AGENCY - art, life, society, and Geodesic Arts.